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Plant-based Meals Empowering




Every bite of your food has a carbon footprint

We bring you tasty plant-based food with a zero-carbon impact from farm to fork

The world generates 37% of greenhouse gases through farming, food production and waste management. Climate change is real, affecting our world daily.

  • Meat Free
  • Carbon Free
  • Guilt Free

Heal the Planet

Carbon Sequestration

Reduce your Footprint

Carbon Reduction

Nourish your Body

Healthy Food

Zero Carbon Mouthful is an agriDAO Community

Embracing the best technologies, science and understanding available.

Socially mindful and proactive, environmentally uncompromising, community-driven and financially inclusive.

A Web3 organisation that brings together its community through the virtual world to build a regenerative plant-based meat-alternative supply chain.

Passing on the bulk of the carbon credits that we create to our customers and community to offset against their lifestyles.

Earth1st | EIT

EIT, Utility of Access to the Earth1st Platform

EIT is the native token of the ZCD Foundation, which provides the utility of access to the platform where Zero Carbon Mouthful products are grown manufactured, transported certified and procured.

EIT is necessary for all internal and external procurement. The entire GDP, liquidity, staking and rewards will be transacted in EIT.

Tokens are also required to vote in the governance of the ZCM agriDAO.

ZCM runs on the Internet Computer (IC), developed by the DFINITY Foundation. The IC is a revolutionary, decentralized global compute platform leveraged to validate carbon sequestration, track product chain of custody, validate zero carbon footprint. Advanced cryptography and decentralized technology make the protocol tamper-proof and efficiently scalable.

Internet Computer

Governance by Industry

ZeroCarbonMouthful unites industry leaders from agriculture, logistics, food processing and more with token holders to govern our industry verticals. Voting power is the primary governance mechanism of ZCM, determining the adoption of proposals and key operational functions within each vertical.

Global Goals

We are aiming to impact as many of the UN's Global Goals as possible..

Regenerative Agriculture

Want to know more? We have a list of resources that formed the basis of our ​research. Follow the link here for a list of links to articles and videos relating to ​Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Reduction, Regenerative Farming, Nutrition and ​Nourishment on Plant-Based diets and so much more.

Our goals are not to reinvent the wheel but to bring together all existing, proven practices and scale